Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

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Handmade birthday card is a beautiful way to express affection, joy, happiness, care and feelings.

Birthdays are very special occasions also it definitely has nothing to do with your actual age. Receiving a gift and a card for the birthday can make you feel extremely special, particularly if you get a card that has been handmade by someone. While it is easy to take a trip to the local gift shop and buy a card, a homemade card is a lot more special. In this article, we let you know different types of homemade cards.

There are many different types of homemade cards that you can make. Given below are some of the simple ideas that you could try out if you are making cards in your own home.

handmade birthday cards

handmade birthday cards

3D Handcrafted Cards

3D birthday cards, with intriguing character cut-outs, sparkles, fabrics or pop-ups in addition to elegant lace ribbons, are extremely fascinating. These birthday cards are available in a variety of shapes, designs, colors and textures for diverse age groups. A 3D card shows your affection for the individual and creates a 3 dimensional effect, adding much more meaning to the message contained.

Pop-up Cards

Who does not like to receive pop-up cards To open a card and have a surprise awaiting you can make most people very happy. Although it can seem like making pop-up cards is a big task, you could not be farther away from the truth. A piece of spring or a sponge stuck to the back from the folded pop-up figure and then stuck towards the center of the card should do the secret easily.

Wildlife Cards

Everybody simply likes to get a lovely wildlife card for their birthdays. Just send a customized wildlife birthday card along with your special message. Wildlife cards include numerous animal photos of animals such as Panda, Dear, Duck, Lion within their natural habitats. Nothing works better than the usual wildlife birthday card to light up the face area of a person who receives it.

Watercolor Cards

A handmade watercolor birthday card is actually a message by itself. The care and concern shown by the pack leader who has taken pains to produce and paint this card is really a strong reminder of the love and affection from the card giver. This fantastic card finished by hand is something which anyone will enjoy and preserve as fond memory from the love shared by both person.

Floral Cards

Floral Birthday Cards are exclusive and innovative concept to require someone special in your life. Creatively crafted floral birthday card can also add a lot more value to birthday greetings. A stylish floral birthday card together with your own special message or poem can display your true feelings and affection for your special someone.

floral birthday card

floral birthday card

Unique Cards

You do not want to go the standard way when it comes to making a birthday card for the special one. What do you do? Produce a card that is truly unique. Create a card that can be rolled up as an antique scroll or slip your card by means of a note into a wine bottle, or create a wine glass the canvas for the birthday wishes. With such cards the sky is the limit for your creativity.

Shape Cards

Many of us are used to receiving cards which are shaped in the normal rectangular fashion. Alter the shape of the cards. This is often a lot of fun. From round cards, to square cards, to pentagonal cards, there isn’t any end to the creativity that you could employ to create fun homemade birthday cards in various shapes and sizes.

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