Green Bean Casserole Nutrition Facts

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Eating green beans casserole can definitely add to nutritional benefits.

Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole

Creamy green bean casserole has become a favorite, particularly during Thanksgiving, on family dinner tables ever since making its debut in the 1950s.  Like many dishes depending on prepared foods, green beancasserole couches a healthy vegetable among not-so-healthy ingredients.

Even though it’s a family favorite, most people relegate green bean casserole to Thanksgiving dinner duty and keep plain green beans for the rest of the year.

Nutrition Identification

You will discover many versions of green bean casserole, but a majority of stem from the original put together by the Campbell Soup Co. home economics department in 1955. Like many quick-preparation casseroles with the era, it uses only five primary ingredients: green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup, French-fried onions, milk and soy sauce. The cook simply mixes those ingredients and bakes them inside the oven. Campbell’s recipe also suggests adding flourishes including chopped peppers or cheddar cheese.


Green Bean Casserole Nutrition Facts

Green Bean Casserole Nutrition Facts Green Food

The majority of the nutrition in green bean casserole arises from the green beans themselves. The George Mateljan Foundation lists green beans as excellent reasons for vitamins K and C along with manganese and very good sources of dietary fiber, potassium, a vitamin, folate and iron. The tiny amount of milk adds a couple of extra vitamins and nutrients–vitamin D and calcium, largely–but one other ingredients add mostly fat and sodium and hardly anything else in the way of nutrition.

Casserole Nutrition Facts

An iconic soup company developed the classic green bean casserole using cream of mushroom soup inside their test kitchen in 1955. Greater than 40 million green bean casseroles are served annually, especially during the holidays. The traditional recipe provides calcium, iron, a vitamin and other important vitamins and minerals.


A simple green bean casserole that serves six contains one can of cream of mushroom soup, ½ cup milk, One teaspoon Soy sauce, two cans of green beans and 1.33 serving of French fried onions.

Basic Nutrition

The soup, green beans, milk and soy sauce contain only 442 calories. However, cream of mushroom with the French fried onions contains almost 434 calories per serving. Each serving also provides 9.8 g of total carbohydrates and 2.8 g of protein.


The complete casserole contains 187.14 mg of total fat. Just one.18 mg is contributed by milk and other 17.96 mg is in the soup, according to the USDA Nutrient Database. However, French fried onions add 168 mg. In essence that one serving delivers 31.19 g of primary fats.

Green Bean Casserole Nutrition

Green Bean Casserole Nutrition


A green bean casserole contains 3,145.95 IUs of vitamin A. When divided among six people, every one would get 524IU.This is a quarter of their daily requirement for vitamin A based on a 2,000 calories-a-day diet. The casserole also includes 170.24 mcg of folate, .81 mg of riboflavin and 29.85 mg of vitamin C, which equals 4 to 6 percent of the daily value for an individual serving of these nutrients. Just one single serving provides 1 to 4 percent of the daily value for vitamin E antioxidant, vitamin K, thiamin, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12.


Mineral values for the complete casserole are 392.5 mg of calcium, 11.32 mg of iron, 139.76 mg of magnesium, 362.02 mg of phosphorus, 1,112.76 mg of potassium, 2.87 mg of zinc, 1.09 mg of copper, 3.19 mg of manganese and 13.09 mcg of selenium. When divided into six servings, these values are equal to 6 percent of the daily requirement for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, 8-10 percent of iron, potassium and copper and 26.3 percent of manganese.


Including fresh green beans in your diet will provide some health benefits, in accordance with the George Mateljan Foundation. Vitamin k-2 helps maintain strong bones, vitamin C and folate help prevent colon cancer, and iron offers you an energy boost. Green beans’ magnesium and potassium help lower blood pressure levels, though the high sodium content in the casserole will offset that. However, you’ll get the same benefits minus the fat and salt if you eat plain green beans.

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