Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples 2015

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Valentine’s Day party is quite different from other parties. It is very important to manage your all affairs with best in order to through a perfect valentine day party.

Valentine is a festival on 14th February by numerous people every year all through the word. An occasion observed on this day in various states of the word. A substantial number of people celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world. Consistently on February 14th, many people exchange cards, chocolates, gifts and flowers with someone special in order to express true love and care for him/her. Many people reason their friends and family to become life partner on this day. In other words a valentine’s day is a traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other.

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to celebrate love and affection and Valentine’s day party can really add to cheer and celebration that the day is thought to bring with itself. Throwing a party for beloved one is a great idea to set atmosphere of love and romance. Read the ideas shared below before you make arrangements for party.

Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples 2015

Valentines Day Party Ideas For Couples 2015

Send Lovely Invitation

When choosing invitations, go for ones that look like traditional Valentines. You can even make your own! Not everyone will even need an invitation. For close friends or family, send your invite via email or simply call with your invitation. A good rule of thumb is to invite guests around three weeks prior to party time so they will have time to schedule it in.

Decorate Party Venue

To throw a party for your love or some other couples, your home will be best place. Vacant the celebration area and start decorating it. First of all collect decoration items like red and white balloons, candles, banner, pictures of you and your love, bouquets of fresh and silk flowers, center table, table cover that can also be red etc. Decorate your door to make happy welcome. Hang a banner with some love quote and welcome for romantic couple party. Spread white and red heart shaped balloons on the floor and enlighten the room with beautiful red candles. You may place a centerpiece with floating candles on table and spread rose petals on the table. Hang your pictures on one wall.


This is the heartbeat factor of any valentine’s party, think of all the cutie, mushy couple games and play ‘em. Have the paper dance (where the couple has to dance within the newspaper’s area and fold it each time the music goes off), the Compatibility quiz, Love hunt(a version of treasure hunt with lovey-dovey clues), and of course the balloon game. In this game, there is a balloon that the couple has to pass to each other without using their hands, so it’s all touchy feely!!


The list of Valentines Day party ideas would be incomplete without the inclusion of the sweet melodies of love. Prepare a nice love songs serenade CD before the party, with all the best love themes. Nothing like a nice cuddly dance to the tunes of love in a Valentine’s Day Party.

Most Lovable Gifts For Valentine's Day

Most Lovable Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Decide Menu

For a Valentine’s Day party, appetizers and finger foods are perfect. Crudités with ranch dipping sauce is always a classic choice. Also try shrimp cocktail, miniature smoked sausages with Dijon mustard, bowls of potato chips and pretzels, bacon wrapped scallops and cheese paired with whole wheat crackers. For dessert, go for serving size strawberry shortcake, cupcakes, heart shaped cookies and gourmet chocolates. Beverages can include champagne, red and white wine, and non-alcoholic punch.

Party Favors

Arrange for a few Valentine Day Party small gifts, like cut-outs, confetti, flowers, candy hearts, cupid arrows, 2 odd lines of love poetries and make a love hamper to give to your friends. This is a party Favor Valentines day party idea.

Most Lovable Gift

Buy a romantic gift for your love along with a beautiful card with best wishes. You may give chocolates and flowers with card to express your cute love. Give your present at the end of party.

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