Most Highly Anticipated Mobile Games of 2014

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Mentioned below are some of the most popular and famous fun games to play on the mobile phone.

We all are quite fond of the mobile games which are very useful in providing recreation to our mind after working hard for a long time. The graphics of these games is awesome and the entire concept of playing the game using various keys, displaying the score and maintaining the statistics is fantastic. Certain keys on the mobile such as a particular number or some symbols are used to do a particular task while playing the game. The games in the mobile phone are of different types – some are strategy games, some are racing games while some others are based on thinking abilities. Apart from the entertainment, these mobile phone games enhance our sharpness of mind and concentration skills. Mobile games have become popular among gamers and the latest and most popular of these games are designed to take advantage of the better tablets and faster phones. Here is a look at these 7 games.

Most Highly Anticipated Mobile Games of 2014

Most Highly Anticipated Mobile Games of 2014

Flappy Bird

Flappy chicken was launched in 2013 and slowly gained popularity and eventually exploded in popularity in February of this year. A week or two later the game was drawn much to the dismay with this activities many followers. Remarkably, there was no explanation for why the game was ripped or whether or not a return of the cute little bird is going to be back.

Third Eye Offense

Next eye crime celebrities Rothko the Physic thief that has been jailed for taking art. Ofcourse, he tries to escape, using only his wits, stealth and physic ability. The whole game is set against a Jazzy blues sound track and scenery and comicbook style backdrops. Each stage has another door he has to flee through while preventing all of the protections seeking to recapture him. The overall game arrives out this spring.


Framework is just a story book puzzle sort of game by which you have to change many different comic book panels in order to move the story along. The story-line will be affected by the way you prepare the sections and naturally if you do not make the most effective choices it may end in your demise. There does not appear to a release date set yet for this game hitting mobile devices.

Tales from the Borderland

Telltale is very popular for their episodic style game, The Walking Dead and is about to create a similar style game based on the popular video game Borderlands 2. It’s a shooter game that also gives a flavor of RPG games. It will be interesting to see what happens when the makers of two popular games come together to work on an already popular game. We don’t have much about the upcoming episodic game from TellTale and gearbox software but there is a promising teaser trailer for those who find it difficult to wait for the game.

Jungle Rumble

This game requires a little sound and excellent listening skills when you need to use the drum beat in the audio to simply help your horse family move from tree to tree and throw coconuts in the other group of monkeys who would like to takeover the jungle. If you would like to save lots of your horse family’s home from the invaders timing is everything!

Hearthstone Game

Hearthstone Game


Hearthstone is a card game for those gamers who love warcraft. Designed primarily for iPad this game is said to be simple and extremely fun as you need to draw the right cards and use a bit of strategy in order to sling spells, summon creatures to come to your aid, and command your heroes to engage in warcraft duals.

Modern Combat 5

There’s not much to talk about this already popular first-person shooter series. Modern Combat is currently the strongest competitor in the genre among other mobile games and the latest installment in the series makes sure the competition stays that way. The previous versions showed console-quality graphics and gameplay but the latest game also offers promising details. We don’t have much detail except a trailer released for E3. However, we do know that the game will be released for both Android and iOS. While most of these games are not on mobile apps yet, all are expected to appear this year and be extremely popular among gamers of various ages. It looks like 2014 could be a great gaming year for mobile users.

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