Fun Valentines Day Party Games For Couples

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If you're planning a Valentine's day party you may be trying to come up with some fun Valentine's Day games for couples.

Valentine’s day is a day of love when lovers exchange gifts and kisses. Everyone wants to be unique just to impress the person they love. Gifts, flowers, cookies, chocolates, jewelry and cards are so old-fashioned. Since everyone is in haste to be unique, they do something unusual. Some of the examples include valentine’s day games, parties, exotic tour, diamond ring etc.

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentines Day is to organize a Valentines Day party for your friends and loved one. A Valentines Day party is a great occasion to celebrate Valentines Day with friends and to unwind and enjoy oneself. One of the best ways of ensuring that your guests have a great time at your Valentines Day party is to ensure that you have a lot of fun activities and valentines day party games organized. Valentines Day party games are a great way fro people to socialize and enjoy themselves during a party. Here we have some great romantic Valentines Day party games for couples that you can use when planning a party this Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Party Games For Couples

Valentines Day Party Games For Couples

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is an entertaining as well as romantic game that can be played for Valentine’s Day. The game usually involves 10 or
more players and is generally played to bring in the element of fun and enjoyment in a party or get together. This Valentine’s Day,
instead of opting for the usual movie plans or dinner dates, plan a get together for couples. Play truth or dare and watch how each of
you unravel an unknown truth or personality facet of your partner.

Valentine Dance Moves

For a fun filled evening that will keep everyone entertained, try one of the many dance TV games available, like “Dance Dance
Revolution DVD Game”. All you have to do is hook up the game, turn on the TV, crank up the volume, and let the dance moves fall
where they may! With this type of game, guests are sure to have a blast and burn some serious calories! Make sure you have moved
any furniture or breakable items so nobody gets hurt when the party takes off! Give out prizes for the smoothest, wackiest and most
complicated dance moves.

Chin Pass

Divide your guests into groups of five or six. Each group makes a circle and a small heart-pillow is to be passed from one person to the other in the group. But the catch is that hands can’t be used and the people only get to hold the pillow in between their chin and chest and pass it on in a similar manner. If the pillow falls, then the pillow is to be picked up without using hands and the process has to start again. The first group to pass the pillow from the first to the last person, wins the game.

Propose Your Partner

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love seems to be the mantra for everyone. While the whole atmosphere is engulfed in the blissful feeling of love, there is one thing that runs every mind and takes the toll, especially for singles – the act of proposal. Talk about proposals and proposing and you are sure to find mixed emotions – whilst some are cool with it, there are others who almost undergo a panic attack and yet others who never manage to embark on it.

Identify Your Partner

Valentine season is just about to begin and each lover is getting ready in selecting a unique and special gift for him/ her. Gifts express your level of commitment and the intensity of your love. When celebrating Valentine’s Day with your friends or other couples, party games prove worthy to make the day fun-filled and interesting.

Love Pictionary

Valentine’s Day is associated with expressing love for your loved one through Valentine cards, flowers and confectionary. Valentine
symbols include heart-shaped outlines, doves and winged cupid figurines. When celebrating Valentine’s Day with your friends and other couples, do give Valentine’s Day games a try. One of them is love pictionary. Pictionary is a popular game among every one young and old.

The Heart Tattoo Game

The Heart Tattoo Game

The Heart Tattoo Game

You can ask your guest to make a nice Valentine’s Day tattoo on their partner. For this you will need to prepare some body paints, face paints, or body markers to decorate with. You will also need to have some towels or washcloths on hand for any cleanup. After all the guests have made their tattoos, have everyone admire each other’s tattoo and vote for their favorite. The guest who created the highest voted tattoo wins the game.

Kissing Contests

Kissing contests could be played for couples which range from quantity to quality. One possible kissing contest would be to see which couple can kiss a long at the party, without their lips separating from one another. Another game is to observe how many times the female can kiss her partner. She must wear lipstick with this contest, and the number of kisses is counted through the number of lipstick marks in 2 minutes. This is a great chance of a photograph of the men afterward.

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