Top 7 Hottest Halloween Costumes for Women 2014

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Halloween is a great day to spend time with your friends and go out having fun while being dressed up. In this waytoenliven article give you different hottest costume ideas that you can use.

Halloween is closing in on us and that means that the anxiety of deciding things to dress as is at an all time high. Anyone who has watched Mean Girls or has walked outside on Halloween knows that there is a certain stereotype which comes along with female costumes. Whenever you walk into a Halloween store it may be quite overwhelming. There is a costume for everything. Find something which is perfect for you, and you can always add accessories onto them to make them your own. Here are some Halloween costumes that are cute, funny, and awesome.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween Costumes for Women

Black Widow

The famous hero in the Iron Man movies, the Avengers, and when again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow is sure to reappear this year as a specific character just for her charms and strength like a female character. You’ll see lots of her out there when you hit downtown and also the parties.

Wicked Witch of the West

This is an option that could work perfectly. Instead of going with the traditional version in the Wizard of Oz, choose to dress up like the protagonist from Wicked. Paint the face green, wear black flowing robes, don the black pointed hat and you are done. And unlike the movie version, you do not have to wear a permanent scowl in your face. Elphaba from Wicked is really a much more likable character.

Dia de Los Muertos

The skeletal face paint has really started to pick up previously few years as online tutorials have turned makeup aficionados into true artists from the trade. You’ll see plenty of beautiful women and dashing men in their Latin or Spanish attire, sporting their flamboyant skull paint. This is definitely a committed costume which will require the dedication of whoever is putting on the makeup to practice for perfection before Halloween. If you have the dedication and creativity, take a shot at this one.


Unlike Black Widow, the strength of the Geekdom of the world is growing and knowning that, there are more and more women wanting to dress up as their favorite superheroes having a more attractive and feminine twist for them. Whether it’s Wonder Woman or Spider-Man, expect to find a lot of superheroes out there that aren’t exactly the men you thought these were. Seriously, check out any costume website and you’ll see a large number of different superhero costumes.

Orange is the New Black

The popular Netflix television series is growing steadily in popularity along with the return of the show for its second season will no doubt remove a lot of characters. One of the most alluring aspects for this costume is that they’re very simple to produce and go as. Another shout in this department is the continual development in the HBO series Bet on Thrones’ costumes as well. But, from what

Twister Halloween Costumes for Women

Twister Halloween Costumes for Women

we’re taking a look at, Orange is the New Black normally takes this year.

A Minion

The minions of the Despicable Me movies have captured the hearts people all. We love their goofy laughs, and they’ve been all over the internet this year, getting used as memes and GIFs. The costume is fairly simple: Find a yellow wig, yellow shirt, and yellow pants, shorts, or skirt. Pair it with overalls, black boots and gloves, and goggles and you’re set. The hardest part will be mastering the incoherent speech which cute little laugh.


You may need a hula hoop to attach towards the inside of one shirt. Make use of a second t-shirt of the second color and cut off the sleeves and attach it towards the body of the earlier t-shirt. Take black tulle (about ten yards), and wrap it round the shirt. Staple the tulle towards the shirt as you go along. You will need to wrap, gather and staple, developing a funnel like structure. When it’s time to wear it, get a friend to collect the tip of the tulle yard, twist it, and staple it together.

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