Romantic Valentine Banquet Decorating Ideas

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Holding a Valentine's Day banquet is a great way to bring people together to celebrate.

Valentines Day is a celebration of love which commences annually on the 14th of February. Cynics often denounce this observance like a ploy invented by greeting-card companies to sell merchandise; however, the Holiday actually has Christian origins. A Christian Banquet to celebrate Valentines Day is really a way to anthropomorphize this history. Decorate for the party with a creative and tasteful melding of Valentine’s religious background and the amorous nature of its contemporary counterpart.

Decorating the banquet tables and also the entire banquet hall may be the first thing that you need to plan for if you are hosting a Valentine banquet party. A good and well thought of set-up will always add to the ambiance of a Valentine day banquet. A great idea could be a red carpet entry for the guests. You can decorate the red carpet with tons of white rose petals, to ensure that all the guests feel loved right in the entrance.

Romantic Valentine Banquet Decorating Ideas

Romantic Valentine Banquet Decorating Ideas

Wall Decor

Wall decor could be expensive but can be easily budgeted when the decorations are hand-made. Since celebrating love and relationships may be the main purpose of Valentine’s Day, collect various pictures of couples. These can even be pictures found on the Internet. Print them in black and white.

With large poster boards, ribbon, a glue stick along with a hot glue gun, beautiful photo collages can be made to decorate the walls of the banquet hall. Adhere red or pink ribbon around the outside edges of the poster board utilizing a hot glue gun to produce a border. Make sure the ribbon lies completely flat. When the glue has dried, arrange various photos to pay for the poster board. Adhere each photo utilizing a glue stick. Once the glue has dried, hang the poster boards throughout the banquet hall for decoration.

Room Decor

Fill the room with streamers and balloons in pink, red and white. Streamers and balloons can both be purchased fairly cheaply. Renting a helium machine can also be cheaper than having the balloons professionally filled when a large amount of balloons are used. Once the balloons are full of helium, tie them together in bunches and place them strategically throughout the banquet hall. Twist the streamers together and line the ceiling through the dining area.

Use strands of white lights because the main source of lighting. They will increase the decor and give the room an intimate feel. Candles can also be purchased inexpensively and provide the room a more elegant look. Group together various bunches of candles and put them throughout the entire banquet hall. For any Valentine’s Day banquet, the more candles that are on display, the better.

Table Decor

For a Valentine’s Day banquet, a great deal of tables are needed. Food and drink tables ought to be set up against the wall, in addition to various long tables setup for guests to dine at. Cover the tables with white plastic tablecloths. Plastic tablecloths can be bought at a fairly low price and will also be a lot cheaper than renting table linens. Fake rose petals in red and pink are also a minimal expense and can be scattered over the tables for a romantic look. Instead of using elaborate centerpieces around the tables, opt for various groupings of candles. Will be purchased inexpensively, but they will prove to add a romantic flair to the atmosphere. White, cream, pink and red beaded necklaces may also be draped on the tables near the candles for a more elaborate look.

Dance Area Decor

Creating a romantic dance area for a Valentine’s Day banquet is essential. Fortunately, it can also be done fairly cheaply. Scatter pink and red rose petals through the dance floor area. Lighted Valentine’s Day lanterns can be bought and hung from the ceiling at various lengths. This can not only be the main source of lighting within the dance area, but will also add a romantic and stylish touch.

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