Mother’s Day Celebrations Around the World

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Mothers Day is celebrated in several countries around the world though on different dates.

Mother’s Day have been recognized in special methods for thousands of years. It’s celebrated in over 40 countries all over the world! Normally most of the countries celebrate Mother’s Day around the second Sunday in the month of May but however many countries celebrate Mother’s Day entirely at different time of the entire year. Thus the exact date and exactly how this event is celebrated vary from nation to nation since the time of Ancient Greece. But well-liked themes the date of Mother’s Day around the world, the spirit is identical everywhere. Thus everywhere in the world mothers are respected for his or her extreme devotion towards their kids. They’re showered with love, care and gifts items. It’s the day when every child on the planet pays their humblest tribute for their mothers and thank their respective mothers for providing them with birth and providing them with the best of care and upbringing. This is a glimpse of today’s Mother’s Day celebrations as done worldwide.

Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World

Mother’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Mother’s Day Celebrations Round the World

United States of America

United States of America celebrates your day for mothers on the second Sunday of May. Your day is highly commercialized in USA resulting in an undeniable growth of markets of flowers, cards, and gifts. Restaurants and hotels give lucrative packages about this day. The activities that Americans approach on this day include, church visits, family gatherings, gifts, and cards. Additionally they wear carnations to show their respect and love towards their loving mothers. A colourful carnation exhibits the mother is alive on the planet, while a white carnation depicts tribute towards the deceased mother.

United Kingdom

Mother’s Day is more typically referred to as Mothering Sunday, the origins of the vacation date back to centuries if this was considered important for churchgoers to go to their home or “mother” church annually. During Lent, the practice became quiet popular, as well as in a society where children were often sent off and away to work in other villages in a very young age, it quickly was a time for family reunions and celebrations which were fondly cherished. A special cake, could also be brought along to provide a festive touch. Later, Mothering Sunday was a day when children and domestic servants were allowed each day off to see their families. Celebrated around the fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday remains a period to pay mothers their due rewards for those their love and encouragement with flowers, candies, cards, along with other tokens of appreciation.


Mother’s Day is celebrated on 10th of May each year in Mexico. This day is well known in a colourful manner. All children are required to be at home on the eve and pay sincere gratitude for their mothers by giving flowers, cards and gifts. Additionally they visit church on this day to wish for well being and longevity of their mothers. Traditionally, the churches in Mexico organize special mass about this day. The orchestra playing ‘las mananitas’, and traditional morning hours meal ‘Tamales’ and ‘Atole’ is also a tradition.


In France Mother’s Day or Fete des Meres is well known with full zeal on last Sunday of May. In 1920 wartime, Vichy Government of Philippe Petain officially announced your day to be celebrated as Mother’s Day to be able to acknowledge and honour mothers in the united states. Since then, the day is celebrated with full feelings and emotions in France. The celebration includes mandatory family dinner associated with a cake imitating flower bouquet. As time passes, the day became highly commercialized without any patriotism attached to it and the day is heavily correlated with purchase of gifts and cards.

Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day Celebrations


Similar to the United States, Australians also celebrate Mother’s Day around the second Sunday of May. The day isn’t considered as holiday, but it is each day to pay homage to their dear mothers, grand mothers, and aunts who love and caress them. Following US’s tradition, Australians also wear carnations. Red carnation would be to honour the mother who is there on the planet, while white carnation is to honour and don’t forget the deceased mothers. The kids of Australia pamper their moms at this juncture by giving them extra privilege, making creative cards, arranging customized feasts, and preparing breakfasts on their behalf. The children gift a flower referred to as Chrysanthemum to their mothers, which is naturally present in autumn. The tradition then ends with ‘mum’, an Australian slang for mother.


India is definitely known to be the country of emotions. Parents generally and mothers in particular are greatly admired in the united states. Maa Durga, Maa Kali, and Maa Saraswati are largely prayed and worshipped among Hindus. Traditionally, India doesn’t have any day reserved for Mother’s Day, but in recent years, modern India has started celebrating it on the day that as it is celebrated by Americans. It’s not a public holiday in India, however the feelings associated with the celebration are no under other parts of the world.

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