Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

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If you have naturally red hair, then you will need to be selective when it comes to choosing makeup.

Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

Makeup Tips For Natural Redheads

Redheads were not as popular in the past as they are now. Their beauty continues to be accepted the world over and they are now recognized for their wonderful variety of skin tones, hair shades and eye colors. To test out the looks of these mysterious and female redheads can be fun. If you are a redhead, quite unclear about what makeup will suit you, read these makeup tips for redheads to emphasize your strengths and prove that you are a real gift to the world of beauty.

Show off Your Freckles

Redheads shouldn’t feel embarrassed down to their freckles. They are part of your thing. So be bold and daring enough to demonstrate your beautiful freckles. They will do much to make you look more appealing and pretty. Swipe a little light powder or mineral foundation to maintain your beautiful freckles!

Light Brown Eyeliner

Another makeup tip for redheads that actually works is brown eyeliner in position of black. Now certainly, it depends on three factors. The colour tone of red your hair has, in case your hair are naturally red or you’ve dyed it, and lastly your natural skin tone, but light-brown eyeliner can be a best choice for redhead because it is lighter, much less cumbersome and will not take away out of your red hair.

Eye shadow Options

If you’re in quest of a few eye shadow shades that work very well for redheads, hues of peach and brown may be the way to go. this suggestion for redheads depends upon your hair color particularly as well as your complexion, but some peach shadow always draws the red out and it also makes your freckles look their best. Yet another shade that will make your eyes pop, especially the green eyes, while highlighting your red hair is Plums. You may also want to use Plum eyeliner.

Lip Glosses

Red color of hair doesn’t put limits on makeup, it’s just you should find the best match! You may apply green eye makeup, which suits great with red hair and makes some autumnal mood! For many boldness, you may go for a daring outfit, by doing this you will have looks that would complete one another!

Makeup Tips for Redheads

Makeup Tips for Redheads


Avoid the Barbie pink colours and instead choose crimsons and deep tones; however, be sure you use it sparingly.

Light mascara

Mascara can be a bit too cumbersome for many natural redheads. you should keep the mascara light should you really crave standing your vision out. Just one coat of mascara or two are enough. You may use light brown mascara if you’ve used browns for eye shadow!

Lashes & Brows

Unfortnately, most auburn beauties are not blessed with much of eyebrows and eyelashes. To boost light lashes and brows, make use of a brown mascara and pencil. Consider using a few different shades until you locate one that looks natural and use an easy hand while applying.

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