Finding The Best Makeup for Dark Brown Eyes

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Dark Brown eyes have their own drama and effects like other eye colors, and they can be accentuated with the correct natural makeup.

Eye makeup for dark brown eyes is really simple and various because the color of dark brown itself is not limiting the usage of colors that are able to be used for eye makeup. You may use the darker colors and also the lighter colors, but still to make the dark brown eyes are being bold, better to use the darker colors for that eye makeup because it will make the eyes are looked shinier and fresher.

Finding The Best Makeup for Dark Brown Eyes

Finding The Best Makeup for Dark Brown Eyes

When you have dark brown eyes, need to be noted that this color is actually compatible with many colors, but commonly eye makeup for brownish eyes is using the colors which are darker like black, dark blue, deep purple. You may use the same family colors which are also same or even darker like copper, dark ash, nut and bronze. The browns colors are actually looked well with many other colors, just how you apply it beautifully on your eyes.

These makeup tips for dark brown eyed gals will help them look their best and enhance their natural beauty.

Eye Shadow

The colors that go really well with brown eyes are deep shades of brown, blue, plum, gold, blue gray, vanilla, purple and violet. Even make up that have metallic overtones, such as gold and bronze, help to bring out the color of your eyes. When applying eyeshadow, remember this thumb rule – shades which are lighter than the natural colour of your eyes can be used to create a subtle look whereas shades which are darker and more intense will lend an impressive look to your eyes.


Now let’s look at the second step of makeup for brown eyes – your eyeliner. Women with brown eyes can experiment with eyeliners of different colors. Try on different shades like bronze, golden browns, dark grays, and deep blue, to name a few.

Decide what kind of look you are trying to create before you begin applying eye makeup for brown eyes. For any natural look, eyeliner application is going to be minimal or you could line your eyes using eye shadow. For a more dramatic look, pair dark eyeliner with light eye shadow. For instance, with plum eyeliner use mauve eye shadow or with light pink shadow you could utilize aubergine colored eyeliner.

Dark Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes


Mascara helps your eyelashes look longer and well-defined. You can test using colored mascara to highlight your brown eyes. You may also opt for a dark blue mascara instead of black. Black is the best shade for natural black eyelashes, while brown mascara helps produce a natural look.

Coordinate Colors

You can highlight your eyes by wearing minimal makeup and choosing neutral shades for cheek and lip color. You are able to lighten and open your brown eyes with shades of champagne, light pinks, taupe, peach, and brown. To obtain a smokey look, choose gray eyeshadow and liners. You may also coordinate the colors by wearing an eyeshadow in shades of violet or blue, having a berry or rose-colored blush. You may also try shades of the brown family, with a peach blush.

Metallic Tones

Don’t be shy to really go bold and grab attention with the help of a metallic touch, either with eyeliner or together with your eye shadow. Gold, bronze, brown, pink and green are colours to acquire with a metallic finish that will compliment your eyes amazingly are drive them out.

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