Find the Best Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

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If you’re easily confused when trying to choose a lip color that suits your skin tone, don’t feel alone because this is a common concern for many people. In the end, there are thousands of brands, colors, formulas, and textures to select from, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. In this article, you will find the best way to choose a lip color that flatters your skin tone and enhances natural beauty.

But before reading about what colors look best for your specific skin tone, it’s necessary to learn how to determine your tone. There

Find the Best Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Find the Best Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

are two general categories of skin tone colors known as cool skin tones and warm skin tones.

  1. If you have light skin, pick light, pinky shades of lipstick for each day. For the drama of red lips, pick reds that lean toward coral.
  2. If you have medium skin, stick with shades within the berry family for daily wear. Shades having a bit of brown will work well, too. For red, choose anything between true red and cranberry.
  3. If you have dark skin, select lipstick shades with brown tones, for example terracotta. When you want to wear red, pick darker shades, for example burgundy.

Skin Tones

Fair skin looks very best in light coral, pink, and apricot. Avoid brown since it looks dull on fair skin.
Medium skin looks very best in berry, mauve, and rose. Avoid bright reds.
Dark skin looks very best in plum, red, or chocolate. Caramel and walnuts are great brown choices, and plum or wine look perfect for evening.

Make Your Own

If you have a little collection of lipsticks that aren’t right for your skin tone, don’t toss them just yet. Take several and blend them together to create lipstick shades that look great on your skin.

For lipstick that is too bright, use a dark lipliner under the color to tone down the colour.

Best Lipstick Colors

Best Lipstick Colors

Lipstick for Fair Complexions

If you have a fair complexion such as porcelain, ivory or nude, you can put on red wines, caramels, chocolate, beiges, even some pinks. What you would like to stay away from is fuchsias, oranges and brown which has yellow pigment in it.

Lipstick for Medium Skin Tones

For those who have more of a medium tone for your skin, a beige or a sand, the very best things to wear are very warm reds for example rust, you can wear pinks, some peaches, some corals, some fuchsias, caramels just like a café latte. What you want to stay away from is lighter shades of brown.

Lipstick for Olive Skin

For those who have more of an olive to darker skin tone you can put on a wide range of browns. Of course you can perform a red that has a little purple inside it, so more of a raspberry. Some plums, mahogany. You can also do some caramels. What you want to generally avoid is oranges.

Lipstick for Dark Skin Tones

For those who have darker skin, you can wear a tone like a dusty pink, peaches and corals, several caramels. And then you have a wide range of reds. The darker your skin, the darker the red will go. You can to do a mahogany, a maroon, an in-depth chocolate and a deep red. Colors you need to avoid are reds which have blue specks in it or any color that’s too orangey

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