Most Effective Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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Eyes are the most expressive part of your face. If you get your eye makeup right, your face instantly gets a makeover.

Applying make-up on bedroom or hooded eyes is really a daunting task for many women since the lid is unseen. There are some things that you can do! Avoid dark colors and use lighter shades that will open up your eyes. Use a lighter shade around the inner corner and the lid and use a fluffy brush to apply medium-toned eye shadows. You can use an eyeliner, but you have to be careful because it can make your eyes look smaller. You are able to apply liner on the lower lashline, but you should use a flesh-toned eyeliner and darker-tone eye shadows or your eyes will look closed off.

Most Effective Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Most Effective Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Usually, you should use eye shadows that make your eyes stand out and pop. Otherwise, the colour tone will diminish or compete with your eye color. Dark eye shadows are a poor choice, particularly if you apply them over the entire lid. Your eyes will appear smaller and closed off, and also the lids will look heavier. Stick with mid-tone and contour shades. Try to define your lower and upper lashlines because this works great on hooded eyes.

Applying Eye shadows for Hooded Eyes:

Most of you may feel that having hooded eyes is definitely an art, or something that you just won’t have the ability to achieve. Well, that is where you stand wrong. It is not just the models who can enjoy hooded eyes. Actually, normal people who go to the office can also enjoy hooded eyes and makeup. Here are a few makeup tips that will help you get hooded eyes that look enchanting and beautiful.

Create Enhanced Eye Space

You should always make the most of the eye space made available. Well, having hooded eyes by no means means that you cannot enjoy that desirable eye space that’s available. Before going ahead with the makeup, be sure you pluck a bit of that dashing eyebrow and allow your face appear sculpted. Once you do that, you have made some space available for eye makeup.

Line the Lower Lid

While hooded eyes are only for covering the upper portion of your skills, never forget the lower lid of the eye. It is very important too. It’s the only way to maximise the beauty of your vision. Line the lower lid while adding a dash of shadow to it. You will see that when you cover the lower lid while applying makeup, your upper lid stands out too. It is the most differentiating mark of makeup ever.

Go Creative

Hooded eyes can limit your creativity. But, you shouldn’t allow it to happen. Even when you are giving your eye makeup the hooded eye look, try some number of eye shadows and textures. It is always fun to try something new. Your vision should be one shade brighter even when you want to play it down. There’s a real drag in dulling the whole makeup.

Eyeshadow Strokes

Eyeshadow Strokes

Eyeshadow Strokes

You shouldn’t drag down the features when applying makeup. That’s an essential tip when applying makeup especially along the lines of your eyes. You should always build upward strokes when applying that eyeliner to create the hooded eyes. You should make that upward stroke a little strong and touch up with blush or powder to really make it stand out. It is the upward strokes that can make the eye shadow appear beautiful.

Distinct Upper and Lower Lids

Your upper and lower eyelids ought to be defined well. You should make sure the makeup you have just about managed to apply has made the two appear distinct. You need to use defining makeup at least highlighting shadow or liner that will define your eye makeup.

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