Six Simple Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy, it is that phase of our life where we, women need to take utmost care in every aspect – Be it the diet regime or health routine.

One of the most sensitive areas of looking after of during the nine-month period is the skin because it is the skin that gets exposed to the alterations on a woman’s body. Many mothers-to-be complain about dark patches on face or condition of blotchiness and acne; while some become vulnerable to strong fragrances. It might be necessary for women to check the makeup products for harmful chemicals and other toxic elements that might get absorbed into the bloodstream of the mother and therefore have a negative effect on the unborn baby. Lotions, moisturisers and creams ought to be applied after carefully studying the expiry date, ingredients and scent.

While you feel beautiful inside, you sure wish to look the same outside. Make sure you lock up all your previous cosmetics within the closet. It is time to get new sets of cosmetics.

Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women

Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women

Best tips to make up during pregnancy


Concealers can be your best friend at the moment. So invest in a good one to hide any blotchy patches or under eye circles.

Adjust your skin care schedule

Pregnancy dehydrates your skin, so stack your cabinet with moisturizers. Tinted moisturizer can be very helpful especially on days when you’re too lazy or tired to use foundation. Pregnancy, on the other hand, can even make your skin oily because of the hormonal flux and acne because of clogged pores. Switch to an oil-free formula as possible very helpful. However, if your skin has become more sensitive, switch to milder formulas or even better go organic.


With pregnancy, you are sure to put on weight. You can’t do anything about the alterations in your body and figure. And why wouldn’t you? But you sure can try to make your face look less round and full. So make use of a large, fluffy brush to combine a powder or bronzer (a couple of shades darker than your normal skin colour) through your chin line. This is to define your jaw line and reduce a double chin. It will instantly create an illusion of a slimmer face.

Take Your Vitamins

Six Simple Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women

Six Simple Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women

The prenatal vitamins prescribed by doctor also strengthen your skin rejuvenate. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and vitamin E help you and your baby.But make sure you don’t take any vitamin or herbal medicines without consulting your doctor. There are numerous beauty vitamins loaded with anti-oxidants that are capable of boosting the skin,however, not every of them are secure enough to eat during pregnancy and then lactation. It’s advisable to check the bottles with your doctor in order to view the composition and give you appropriate medical advice.


You might look dull when pregnant because of the various sicknesses every now and then. So provide your face a lift, make your skin glow having a blush. Bobby brown suggests something very helpful to give all pregnant ladies a mood boost. “Blush may be the best way to give yourself a boost,” says Brown. Her signature strategy is to apply a bronzer or skin tone blush across the whole cheek as a base. Then abide by it with a splash of pink, directly on the ‘apple’ for a natural I-just-finished-exercising, look.

You can also give yourself a beauty and mood boost by wearing a clean, fresh scent. Choose something light and pretty, says Brown, as your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy.

Go Organic

If you’re not certain about your products that are safer then talk to your obstetrician. They can refer items that are not only suitable but best for you personally. Alternatively, you can go organic as inorganic products encompassed with chemicals could possibly damage the health of your baby although not organic. Therefore, go for certified organic products including body wash, lotions, soapy shampoo.

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