Perfect Smokey eye Makeup – Tips and suggestions

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Smokey eye makeup is the most glamorous look to give an instant change to the eyes. In this article we will describe the steps of applying Smokey eye makeup.

Smokey eye makeup, it will be a bluff should you never heard, read or simply listened to the words. Nowadays the smokey eye makeup has become a trend to all girls in the world (including me) to follow. It doesn’t care if you have green eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes or even purple eyes (kidding girls) it might look amazing on those pairs. However it would be more amazing should you could do by yourself right, imagine the fun between you and your friends hanging out and experimenting the perfect combinations for you to do the smokey eye makeup.

If you wish to master a classic smokey eye makeup tips, all you need to do would be to make sure that all the colours are flawlessly and evenly blended in order that it gets the nice shadowing effect. Here are some smokey eye makeup tips if you want to go all smokey.

Perfect Smokey eye Makeup

Perfect Smokey eye Makeup

Basic of Smokey eye Makeup

Choose colours

The most important smokey eye makeup tip that one needs to follow would be to choose the right colours. Any colour may be used to create a dramatic smokey eye. However, you will have to choose at least three shades of one colour. If you wish to know how to do a classic smokey eye makeup look, you have to opt for black or grey. The other options you can go for are bronze and brown.

Eye shadow

After primer, apply eye shadow of dark grey color which should have shiny effect. Apply this color around the complete eyelid then draw a line with the help of shadow pencil this pencil ought to be of dark color than the the color of eyes you have already applied. It provides a soft touch to the eyes. Include it with the eye shadow with the help of finger or eye makeup brush but would rather use brush for neat look.

Choose powder

If you have decided to go for smoky eye makeup opt for colours like black, brown or gray. Be sure to apply one of these colours on top of the upper lash line after which trace the line a little thicker in the middle of the eye. If you have very small eyes, then apply eyeliner pencil beginning with the middle of the under eye towards the outer corner of the eye.

Create an undone look

Pick an eye shadow brush to soften the edges of the eye pencil line The interesting smokey eye tip to produce that undone look would be to try smudging the eye liner pencil utilizing a brush, cotton tip or even by using your own finger.

Fluffy blending brush

Fluffy blending brush

Select the lighter shade

To produce a nice classic look, begin by brushing away the lighter, shimmery shadow in neutral tone over the entire eyelid.

Medium tone

Now it is time for you to sweep medium shade eyeshadow using the brush and blend it flawlessly from halfway to any or all the way across your eyelid.

Fluffy blending brush

Make use of a fluffy blending brush and ensure to sweep up the darker eyeshadow. Try to use the dark shade in the lash line. And for the crease of your eyelid, use dark intense shadow for that sophisticated dramatic smokey eye look.

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