Find the Proper Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

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Your skin tone is the first thing a professional hair colorist takes into consideration when consulting with you on what hair colors will look best on you.

Finding the right hair color to blend with you skin tone will make your hair pop. Taking proper care of hair and protecting the color will help to keep your hair vibrant, attractive, and glossy. Both your skin tone and wardrobe choices works together to create your complete look. So, whether you have cool, warm, olive, or pale skin, you’ll find an eye-popping shade. Finding a beauty salons Midtown can be beneficial for figuring out the best look as the expert stylists are up to date with fashion trends.

Cool Complexions

Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Hair Color for the Skin Tone

People with cool complexions have skin color seen on Asian and Hispanic people. In case your skin color is medium shade with a few golden undertones, you fall into the cool category. Individuals with very pale skin will also be considered to have cool complexions. People with cool complexions also generally have cool eye colors such as deep browns, deep blues, deep greens, or blacks, but might also have lightly colored blue or gray-blue eyes. Another rule of thumb to determining your complexion would be to look at your existing hair color. Individuals with black, dark brown, ash brown, or ash blonde have cool hair colors.

If you have a cool complexion, you should stay away from hair color that has golden, bronze or red tones, because they will not complement your skin tone. Instead, go for colors that fall within the black, ash browns, and ashy or platinum blonde shades.

Black Hair Color And Your Skin Tone

Black is a hair color that many everyone dreams about at some point in their life yet very few can actually pull off. You’re probably believing that it’s those of you with warm skin tones who could pull this off best, black is closer to your skin tone after all. If you’re thinking that however you’d be wrong. It’s those girls with cooler skin color who are best suited for black hair. The contrasting colors in skin doesn’t make sure they are look washed out like you may think, in fact it has the opposite effect. Both skin and hair really glow when you combine cool skin color with black hair, providing you with a Snow White effect. Since cool skin color also have undertones of blue, pink and reds you might try using a tinted black dye with one of these colors in to really set yourself apart from the crowd.

Blonde Hair Color And Your Skin Tone

Blonde as we know comes in countless different shades and therefore people with both warm and cool skin tones can put it on depending on the shade they choose. Warmer colored sin mixes better with golden blondes and also the pair together will produce a radiant glow. Cooler skin color are better off with ash blonde or very light blonde, either color or perhaps a variation of them will sit nicely from the cool color of the skin developing a natural look.

Red Hair Color And Your Skin Tone

Red Hair Color As well as your Skin Tone

Brown Hair Color And Your Skin Tone

Brown is another hair color that may be worn by people of varying skin tones. As with blonde, the trick is locating the correct shade of brown to fit your skin tone. For those of you with warm colored skin, honey brown will melt upon your face beautifully and really bring out your natural beauty. For those of you with cool skin colors however you’re better of with a color to actually set both your skin and hair off. Try opting for auburn-brown to really bring out your features. Your hair will still look natural upon your skin but it will be different enough to actually stand out.

Red Hair Color As well as your Skin Tone

Red is another color that comes in countless different shades. You could have it fiery, verging on being orange, you could have it dark and included with a bit of brown, you can have it as being red as red could be if you want – the possibilities are endless. It’s nearly the only hair color where people with warm or cool skin color can get away with deciding on the same shade of dye and everything turning out looking fab. Red hair against pale, cool skin color really sets your look off and provides you a fiery edge whereas red hair on more earthly skin color really plays on the warm colors inside your pigment. If you choose the right shade of dye, red hair look natural when worn on people with warm or cool skin.

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