Best Seven Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

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Green eyes are beautiful and deserve to be enhanced. Here are some tips and tricks to make your green eyes more prominent.

If you have green eyes, this post is the right one for you. Below you’ll find “Best Seven Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes“. The eyes are the mirror of one’s soul, along with the right makeup you can make your eyes pop in the right way. You can choose between nature look, smoky eyes makeup towards the most dramatic makeup ideas.

Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Choosing the proper makeup for you is all about complimenting your natural complexion, hair color and, of course, the color of your eyes. Green eyes are specifically beautiful, so you want to make the most of the assets that you have, and draw attention to them with shades of makeup that complement the colour of your eyes and not clash with it. Here, we look at a few of the top makeup recommendations for girls with green eyes, so continue reading; you might find some new ideas.

Avoid silver shades

Bronze, copper and gold look fabulous with green eyes, but silver rarely works. Metallic shades are wonderful with green eyes, especially for evening wear, but most people agree that silver may be the one to avoid.

Pretty and Bright

Make use of a cream or white liner around the inner part of the lower lid along with a pale teal or purple-based shadow within the crease for brighter green eyes. Add a touch of colored shadow across the top lash line to lightly define your eyes. Use a hint of white shadow underneath the brown bone and in a corner of the eye and blend the crease shade well.

Gorgeous Gold

Use a gold metallic eyeliner to line top of the ad lower lash line. Skip the attention shadow, but apply two coats of mascara on curled lashes. Gold can definitely bring out green eyes, and by focusing on one type of makeup, the gold pencil provides a pretty look that doesn’t look overdone.

No black eyeliner

However, there are no hard and fast rules with makeup, black eyeliner is yet another thing that many people would agree doesn’t work too well with green eyes. Try instead, chocolate or coffee eyeliner and, should you really have to go for black, choose charcoal, not pitch black.

Mascara for Pretty Green Eyes

Mascara for Pretty Green Eyes

Cream and Cocoa

For any nice neutral look that’s pretty for everyday, pair a gentle cream colored eye shadow having a medium thick line of cocoa-brown eyeliner on top lid. For a bit more definition, you can also add a touch of a soft cocoa or taupe shade within the crease.

Simple and Romantic Trio

Utilizing a teal or green shade of liner, line the very best and bottom lids having a very thin line. Blend right into a slightly thicker line having a light grayish or charcoal colored liner for any smoky effect, and use a peach or peach/pink combination eyeshadow.

Mascara for Pretty Green Eyes

Even using mascara alone with green eyes look stunning. Unless you have dark hair, you might want to stay away from dark black mascara. Go for those with a copper, purple, or green undertone to attract attention to your gorgeous eyes.

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