Best Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

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Makeup tips for hazel eyes play upon the intriguing nature of your eye color.

Hazel eyes are very unique in that they frequently changed their color, allowing them more freedom for makeup expression. These makeup tips for hazel eyes will highlight different techniques and suggestions that can help enhance your already unique look.

While black is easily the most conventional choice for eyeliner color, women with hazel eyes may use different colors to help influence their current color. If you would like your eyes to appear more blue, try lining your lids with purple, and when you want eyes to appear more green, try lining your vision with taupe or brown. They are some of the makeup tips for hazel eyes since you can affect the way others call at your eye color without wearing colored contacts. You may also use white eyeliner around the lower lids in order to brighten your vision.

Best Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Best Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Hazel color is a combination of green, gold and brown. Hazel eyes is one of the most beautiful eyes and to boost the beauty of these eyes, proper makeup is important. Highlighting and enhancing the green colored eyes using the right types of eyeshadow and mascara is essential to bring out their beauty.

Eyeliner Colors

Black may be the go to eyeliner color for a lot of women but to bring the flecks of color in hazel eyes test out different colors. To make eyes look more blue, use eggplant or perhaps a deep purple eyeliner. To obtain a greener look, try taupe or perhaps a mahogany brown. Use white eyeliner around the lower eye rim to embellish your hazel eye.

Eye Shadows

Eyeshadow shades are a hazel-eyed woman’s best friend. Different shades could make you look demure or slinky. For understated drama, go over the whole lid with a natural skin tone shade. Use vibrant purple, blue or perhaps a shimmery gold as the crease accent color to create your eyes pop. Blue-gray eye shadow may be the least complimentary for hazel eyes but i am not saying you can’t try blues.

Complementary Lip Colors

Your lips should not overpower those gorgeous eyes but may lips need love too. Glide a gold or shimmery copper color over your lips to create out the brown in your eyes. Accentuate purple and blue eyeshadow shades with berry or mauve lip colors. Whenever your hazel eyes are playing up the green tones, wear coral, pink or nude shades of lipstick.

Highlighting Round the Eyes

You’ve seen highlighting over done-think Kim Kardashian. We like you Kim but ugh! This highlighting abuse doesn’t have to occur. Use highlighting powder under and around your vision to draw attention to your hazel peepers. Brush it on sparingly to attract attention to your unusual the color of eyes.

Treat Your Lashes

Grabbing that thick-brushed black mascara is kind of a no-brainer but there’s some variety available. I understand we love black mascara but try deep brown or purple mascara too. You will get loads of attention and bring the colors in your unusual the color of eyes. Curl up the lashes first by having an eyelash curler.


Bronze tones inside your skin can catch the brilliant colors of your hazel eyes. Should you weren’t born with lovely bronze skin make use of a bronzer. Sweep the bronzer across your forehead, nose and cheekbones. An easy dusting will really complement a gold or metallic the color of eyes.

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