5 Basic Natural Makeup Tips For A Gorgeous Look

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Many women don’t like to wear heavy makeup. Instead, they prefer a more natural look that shows off their natural beauty. Here are 5 of those most basic make up tips to look natural.

Natural Makeup Tips For A Gorgeous Look

Natural Makeup Tips For A Gorgeous Look

Natural makeup is not just about applying gloss and a foundation that matches your skin colour. There is indeed much more to it. The first misconception about this kind of face makeup is that it downplays your beauty. On the contrary, it is supposed to accentuate your best points. Moreover, natural make up does not mean that you make yourself look glamorous. The idea is to wear makeup but make it look like you haven”t and thus are naturally perfect. Here are 5 of those most basic makeup tips to look natural and get drop dead gorgeous.

Natural Makeup Look Tips:

Skin Tone

For a blemish free and great skin, you can just go ahead and use a tinted moisturizer. But, if you have red spots or discoloration on your skin, you will need to cover them up lightly with the help of a concealer. Use cream or liquid foundations which have a luminous and radiant finish. A natural look requires that the foundation should not be flat and matte type. It is also important to choose the right color. Use a shade darker than your natural color since a lighter shade will only make you look artificial. Just apply very light foundation all over your face.

Redefine the Eyes

Brown or golden color eye shadow defines the eyes making it look brighter. Using an eye liner makes the eyes look wider and attractive. A thin line on the eyes gives a natural look to it. Make sure you don’t overdo by applying it too thick. Curling eyelashes gently using Mascara gives a natural glow to your eyes.

Eye Moisturizers

The skin around your eyes is very thin and it requires special care. Sometimes your face moisturizer will just not be enough, so make sure that you have a special under eye moisturizer. They are also made with cooling effect, which lowers the chance of getting the bags under your eyes.

Natural Makeup for Skin Tones

Natural Makeup for Skin Tones

Lovely Lips

Lip stain lasts longer but causes dryness whereas lipstick moisturizes the skin and lasts for a shorter duration. The color you choose should match your lip color. For a dark complexion maroon or brown shades are best, whereas pink and brick red shades match best for medium complexion. Red is best for fair skin. Line your lips with a lip liner before using a lip stick. Apply a single coat of lip stick and not more than that. Applying more makes it look unattractive and greasy.

Shadow Of Your Eyes

Your eye shadow should be the exact colour of the shadow of your eyeliner. Go for rust brown and smudges smoky black over your eyelids to carry through the look to perfection.

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