Christmas Music History and Christmas Songs

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Christmas songs have been sung for hundreds of years, originating in European churches and spreading through homes around the world.

Christmas Music History and Christmas Songs

Christmas Music

Christmas songs have been sung for hundreds of years, originating in European churches and spreading through homes around the world.Today Christmas music spans every genre, having morphed from religious and traditional songs to country, pop, and even rap. Christmas songs are sung in many languages from German and English to Chinese and Japanese.

While many people don’t realize it, a significant number of the most popular Christmas songs today originated in the last hundred years and actually don’t have anything to do with Christmas. Songs like Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, and Baby It’s Cold Outside don’t mention Christmas at all, and were not made to be Christmas songs.


The History of Christmas Music

Christmas music originated just a few hundred years after the birth of Christ, and at that time Christmas songs were exclusively religious, sung as latin hymns in Rome. Around 1000 AD these songs made their way into Germany and France, catching on like wild fire. But it wasn’t until the 1200’s that Christmas songs were created in languages other than latin. In fact, English language Christmas music didn’t appear until the 1400’s in the UK. The first non-latin songs were sung in Italy, Germany, and France.

Basically these are the Christmas Music Types

1. Traditional Christmas Songs

2. Modern Christmas Songs

3. Popular Christmas Songs

4. Romantic Christmas Songs

5. Funny Christmas Songs

Spanish Christmas songs

Christmas Music History  and Christmas

Spanish Christmas songs

Spanish language Christmas songs, or Villancicos de Navidad, have an old and interesting history. The word Villancicos is best translated as “carols” or even “village carols”. The word alludes to the fact that Spanish language carols originated in villages, and were used to sing about village life in general. These carols were popular in villages for hundreds of years, and it wasn’t until the 1800’s that the word Villancicos was primarily associated with Christmas.

It’s difficult to imagine celebrating Christmas without the music of the season. Around my home, at least, the Christmas music comes out even before the decorations do. Whether we’re listening to the traditional strains of Silent Night or contemporary tunes such as Mary, Did You Know?, we find that few things speak so much of the joy and wonderment of the season as does music. Fortunately, the songs of Christmas transcend cultures, borders and languages. The most popular Christmas songs have been translated into dozens of languages. In fact, several of the traditional Christmas hymns we sing were translated into English from German and other European languages.

Contemporary Christmas Songs

Only Christmas music has been sung in so many languages around the world, and played in every musical genre you can imagine. Modern musicians record their own versions of popular Christmas songs, making them even more popular. This includes jazz, country, pop, and even Christmas rap music. Whatever your taste, you’ll find great Christmas songs and albums you’ll be happy to play and sing along with.

Some of these songs that are mentioned might not appeal to you in the same way that they do to me, which makes this list open for discussion. The interpretation of beauty is a personal thing and you can be the only judge for what you believe is beautiful. However, whether you agree with this list or not, these songs have stood the test of time and will be around for many years to come.

Beautiful Christmas Songs

Christmas is the most of the time to entertain the music event. Beautiful Christmas songs are masterpieces that have lyrics that create spectacular visual images, a shifting melody, along with a heartwarming message. Whenever these 3 elements mix, the most beautiful Christmas tunes in the world arise and we can savor the holiday miracle.

There have been many albums recorded over the years that have contained beautiful Christmas carols. These albums are very similar and the authors seem to have the same idea about what constitutes a beautiful tune. The songs that have made their lists are well received by all and most people would agree that they are beautiful songs. These albums include Bony M.’s “The Most Beautiful Christmas Songs of the World”, and “White Christmas: 20 Beautiful Christmas Songs”.

The two different types of beautiful Christmas carols are religious and secular. The religious carols are hymns that have a very prominent story of Christianity. Some of the most beautiful Christmas carols fall into this category. “O Holy Night”, which describes the birth of Jesus Christ, is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever written. The lyrics and melody are said to be very moving and hearing this song brings some people to tears. Other religious songs which are considered beautiful include, “Silent Night”, “Little Drummer Boy”, and “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”. These songs have been on compilation albums containing beautiful Christmas songs, by various artists.

Christmas carols

Christmas Music History and Christmas Songs

Christmas Music History and Christmas Songs

Christmas carols were introduced in to church services by St Francis of Assisi in the 12th century. As for the word carols, “carol” is a derivative of the French word caroller, the interpretation of which means dancing around in a circle. Carol and carols, eventually came to mean not only to dance but included music and lyrics – hence Christmas Caroling.

The word “carol” actually means a verse song with a refrain, so a Christmas Carol is really just a song with a Christmas related theme.

Traditionally Christmas Carols were sung during an act of worship at Christmas, this originated in western Europe and then spread to other Christian countries such as the United States.

Some of the first Christmas carols were actually based on old pagan songs that were updated to contain the Christmas message, “The Boar’s Head Carol” which dates to 1521 and was originally sung as the boar’s head was brought into the dining area on Christmas Day, the boars head was the traditional Christmas dinner in a time before turkey came to the fore.

But most people associate Christmas carols with songs that carry the message of Jesus’ birth, such as Away in a Manger, Silent Night, We three kings and While shepherds watch there flocks at night.

Online Christmas Music

One of the best things about the holiday season is the Christmas music online. It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear a Christmas favorite come on the radio, and nothing can restore your faith and good will after a long, hard day of fighting traffic and long lines while Christmas shopping like hearing a favorite jingle. But who says that you have to wait until December to listen to your favorite Christmas tunes? We can enjoy the free Christmas music online.

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