Easter Poem for Children

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Easter is a wonderful festival which is celebrated in order to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus.

Easter is an important Christian festival which is celebrated with great joy and fervor among the Christian community throughout the world. Celebrated to be able to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this festival also holds by itself a holy message for that followers of the religion that God may be the supreme power and he is past the life and death cycle of earth. This very day is considered to be extremely holy and festive. At this juncture, Christians all over the world take part in merry making and feasting to be able to express their happiness.

Because this festival holds a great importance among the Christian community, several folklores are also popular relating to this

Easter Poem for Children

Easter Poem for Children

festival. Many of the poets also have written about this festival. Easter poems basically encapsulate the festive essence of the Easter festival. Easter’s poetry lyrics are meaningful and attract kids and elders alike. You will find different kinds of Easter poems like for prayer purpose, you will find rhyming hymns and for kids there are Easter bunny poems. The prayers poems are utilized in church while the kids’ poems should acquaint Children with the Easter traditions. You can undergo some of these interesting poems within our related section.

Easter Bunny

Easter and bunnies are symbolic of ach other. So, there are many poems and folklores that relate both of them. One particular poem is the ‘Easter Bunny’. The poem ‘Easter Bunny’ by Mary Brandolino narrates the travails of an Easter bunny that fell out of favor together with his owners. When the bunny was brought in the store on the eve of Easter, he was pampered through the entire household and received the best possible care.

Easter Comes But when a Year

Several Easter folklores and poems should make the kids understand the deep sited meaning and spirit of this holy occasion. One particular poem is ‘Easter Comes But when a Year’ by JS Bach. This poem narrates the way a bunch of children enjoy the festival of Easter.

Easter Holiday

Easter is an excellent festival which is celebrated to be able to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus. This festival is recognized as very holy and auspicious because it does not only strengthen the religion of humans over God and goodwill but additionally stands as an epitome of hope. It’s an occasion to thanks Jesus for whatever he’s blessed us with. Easter Holiday, a well known Easter poem pays tribute to Lord Jesus for all the joy and merriment the festival of Easter brings along.

Easter Poems

When Jesus came on the scene
He came in a way that was humble
Here on earth
He never mumbled nor grumbled

Man shed innocent blood
When Jesus died on the cross
They though they were above God
In the end they found out who was boss

Easter is a day set aside
For Christ death, burial and ressurection
If in your life your not living right
This is the time to make corrections

Easter shouldn’t be celebrated
With nice clothes and beautiful hats
God’s death, burial and russurection
Has nothing to do with that

Jesus bore the cross
Heading for Calvary
Through God’s love
Allowed us to be free

He was put in His tomb
And on the 3rd day He got out
So I could capture salvation
And for this reason I can jump and shout

Now when I think of Easter
I don’t think of material things
I use it as a reminder
Of the joy it brings.

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