Best & Easy Ways to Make Impressive Melted Crayon Art

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Melted crayon art is a straightforward and fun thing to do for those artistic adventurers available. It's so simple, yet the final result can be quite beautiful.

Melted crayon art, as the name suggests, is the manner of melting ordinary crayons right into a unique and identifiable artwork. Though it sounds simple, it is not easy to master. The trick in melting the crayons is very hard if you don’t know the proper way to execute it.

Following are the steps of performing melted crayon art:


Melted Crayon Art Tips

Making melted crayon art is straightforward; merely hot glue the desired crayons along the top perimeter associated with a white canvas, allow the glue to dry, and make use of a hair dryer to melt the wax. Positioning the hair dryer directly behind the crayons and aiming forward can create more uniform lines, while additional designs for example waves may be created by wiggling the hair dryer accordingly. The priciest part of this art project will likely be the canvas, though a hair dryer might be easily borrowed from a friend. If you do not want to line the crayons along the surface of your canvas or have previously done so in a previous art project, you could position them elsewhere.

Selected Colors

Although melted crayon art projects make use of all of the colors found in an average 64 box, you may decide to limit your color selection. One choice is to only choose similar shades, whether caused by preference or for a particular event. For instance, choosing shades of pink and purple could make for a sweet baby girl shower gift, while blue might be more ideal for a baby shower honoring a brand new son. You may also wish to select crayons reflective of private preference, or preferences of the friend. In any of these instances, you might wish to buy two or three boxes of crayons should you still wish to create a larger art project, or just use one box if you don’t mind crafting an inferior piece.

Mismatched Colors

Conversely, you might select crayons which do not fit in with the same hue but reflect a concept or desired effect. For instance, colors of a specific flag can be utilized in order to create a funky and prideful art project. Holiday season is also a good excuse to create a melted canvas; black and orange crayons enables you to celebrate Halloween, or you may decide to simulate the look of a slightly melted candy cane with white and red crayons. Melted crayon art is another fun project for children; selecting a child’s favorite colors is a superb way to help celebrate mothering sunday or achievement.

Additional Options

Your canvas needn’t end with melting crayons. You may even wish to carefully scrap away servings of melted crayon wax having a utensil to spell out words or draw symbols. Popular options include writing someone’s name, though more complex artists may try drawing someone’s portrait in the wax itself. Additionally, you can always hot glue other objects to the canvas itself, for example bubble letters, pictures, or movie tickets.

The thing you need:

Wax crayons – enough to line the period of your canvas
Artist’s canvas – better to try small first prior to going too big
Hot glue gun
Drop sheet or old newspaper to trap any mess


  • Choose the colors you want to use and line them up across the surface of the canvas.
  • A rainbow colour pattern is created here. Of course you can try this with various color patterns instead of a rainbow.
  • Using a glue gun, squeeze a type of glue across the crayons.
  • Quickly place the crayons on the canvas in a line, as shown below, with tips facing down.
  • Line the floor having a piece of newspaper, place the canvas against a wall, and get the blow dryin’ on.

You can start on high and warm settings and alternate with low at certain points. You might want to experiment a little to see the way your hair dryer works with melting the wax. Often it splatters a little, so make sure to cover the floor and surrounding wall with newspaper, and use a lower setting if needed.
Once the wax starts melting, move the dryer around when needed to prevent splattering and so the wax drips lower. Voila! Now you have a fun artwork to hang on your wall.

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